Cleaning public area with machine


To marble, it will need a crystalization, but it will be better to check the condition of the floor before starting the spray crystalization cleaning method.

Equipment :
  1. Low speed single disc machine with Sprayer
  2. Yellow sign
  3. Dry steel wool
  4. Product Measurements Device

Sequence of spray crystallization:
  1. Remove all dirt
  2. Scrape use grinding
  3. Cover walls and furniture
  4. Start crystallization method, 1 m 2 at the same time. Operate the machine based on the product measurement device.
  5. Spray and move until the floor shine (4-6 minutes).
  6. After finish, clean all equipment, make dry and store in the right place.

Notes : Steel wool is good for this method, but dark pad also can be used.


This cleaning method type is use to remove scratching, it is applied before use the

Equipment :
  1. low speed single disc machine
  2. scrapping pad
  3. diamond pad
  4. wet vacuum cleaner
  5. yellow sign

Sequence of marble grinding:
  1. Remove all dirt
  2. Start scrapping process
  3. Take colour pen to give a sign art the cracked floor
  4. Use many diamond pad ( green, red, & white )
  5. Fill water tank with clean water
  6. Before starting this method, check first
  7. Check the floor with the ground meter for about 2-3 minutes, step by step
  8. Grind the floor, use one by one the diamond pad
  9. Flash with water to remove the particle on the floor
  10. Take the dirt water by using the wet vacuum cleaner. Then. It’s ready for crystallization.


Dirt carpet can’t be cleaned by vacuum. We should use shampooing method. It uses foam to clean the object. This methodh is perfect for carpet, can clean deeply and dry quickly.

  1. foam generator
  2. low speed single disc machine
  3. brush
  4. chemical
  5. yellow sign
  6. vacuum cleaner

Sequence of dry shampooing:
  1. loose dirt from fiber, rise to surface. After dry, remove with vacuum cleaner.
  2. visible spot, clean / remove with kape.
  3. read instruction of manufacture,
  4. clean the edge an dthe border first, then clean the open area.
  5. brush up when it still wet,
  6. leave the caret until dry, for about 1-3 hours,
  7. clean with dry vacuum cleaner.
  8. after finish, clean all equipment, make dry and store in te right place.

Practical tips:
a)    this method can be used for small area, it’s easy and save time.
b)    before doing this method, check the colour sensitivity first.

c)    special detergent can be used for this method,
d)    for cleaning sofa / arm chair, use hand shampooing.


It’s rather same with dry shampooing, but it cleans wet.

1.    special wet shampooing brush
2.    wet vacuum cleaner,
3.    single disc machine with container,
4.    shampoo reduction
5.    chemical,
6.    yellow sign.

Sequence of wet shampooing:
1.    remove all dirt by vacuuming,
2.    remove gum with scraper,
3.    prepare the chemical,
4.    clean the edges, then the open area. Brush with machine,
5.    most effective if done by 2 person. Leave the area about 8-24 hours.
6.    vacuum with dry vacuum cleaner.
7.    wash all tools, make dry and store.

Practical tips:
a)    area sirculation is important to make floor dry quickly, we can open the window.


It’s like polishing, it’s for maintenance also. It makes the floor shine.

  1. chemical
  2. spayer
  3. smooth pad for floor
  4. polishing brush
  5. high speed single disc machine
  6. yellow sign

Sequence of buffing:
  1. remove all dirt particle
  2. take single disc machine with correct attachment,
  3. buff along the edge
  4. rest the area
  5. important to overland the buffing lane,
  6. common buffing technic,
  7. use double filter bag
  8. attach to single disc machine, ideal of scrubbing floor and destination,
  9. put main cable around the machine,
  10. for large floor, devide in 2 areas. For heavy filter can be added to vacuum unit.
  11. after finish buffing, clean all the equipment, make dry and store in the right place.


Wet scrubbing is one of the cleaning types. It is used for cleaning the soil floor. For example, we can use this cleaning type at the kitchen and also the sanitation area. We can also use the deep cleaning or deep scrubbing method to clean the kitchen, but wet scrubbing is better. Especially if it is used everyday.

The equipments:
  1. low speed single disc machine
  2. scrubbing brush
  3. wet vacuum cleaner
  4. pad
  5. chemical
  6. yellow sign
  7. bucket/ pail
Sequence of wet scrubbing:
  1. remove all dirt,
  2. prepare cleaning solution.
Using hot water is better. Temperature is also cleaning factor.
  1. fill the solution into the container,
  2. over the floor and the edge of the corner are the first area to be cleaned,
  3. then clean the area,
  4. after it, leave for some minutes,
  5. brush the corner area and the heavy soil, using scrubbing brush,
  6. scrub with rotate movement,
  7. pick the dirty solution up, using wet vacuum cleaner,
  8. make the floor dry,
  9. clean the equipment and tools before storing them,
  10. insurance good hygiene.

Practical tips:
a)    if work together (2 person), sweep the floor first.
1 person brush/ scrub the floor and the other person, make the  floor dry, using wet vacuum cleaner.
b)   floor squeezer can be used, but use wet vacuum cleaner is better.


Dirt or soil that can not be remove by the wet cleaning can be remove by using the spray cleaning method. So, for the hard part of dirt, the spray cleaning is recomended. It is also ideal for smooth hard floor, sealed or unsealed wood floor, artificial/natural floor. So, the point is that this spray cleaning method is ideal where ever the wet/scrubbing can not used

  1. single disc machine set with sprayer,
  2. cleaning equipment,
  3. chemical,
  4. yellow sign,
  5. pad.

Sequence of spray cleanuing:
  1. remove all dirt,
  2. spray cleaning method, picked up by cleaning pad. Spray to polish. The area should be sprayed and tread by the machine.
  3. difficult area can be cleaned.
  4. full spray to clean whole area. Use rotate movement, until the dirt picked up by pad.
  5. prepare enough pad for large area, buff entirely.
  6. do it until all area is buffed,
  7. clean the equipment, make dry and store in right place.

Practical Tips:
a)    higher speed is increase shine,
b)    also possible to spray for furniture.


Is dry bright protect to the floor unatractive. It’s depending to the floor type. Scrub use single disc machine and finally, use wet vacuum cleaner.          

Equipment :
  1. low speed single disc machine                                          
  2. chemical        
  3. 2 brushing pad
  4. pail
  5. manual cleaning tools for corner
6.    yellow sign
7.    wet vacuum cleaner
8.    mopping set

Sequence of floor stripping:
1.    remove all dirt,
2.    prepare solution for mopping, usev warm water,
3.    apply to the floor, the first are along sgent and border. Then the open area.
4.    prevent solution from dry. Leave 15-20 minutes to act.
5.    after it, scrub with single disc machine. Water should be released from container. Brush with rotate movement.
6.    take the dirty solution, use wet vacuum cleaner.
7.    brush the edge of the corner manually.
8.    for the efficiency, do it together (2 person). 1 person operating single disc machine, and the other handle wet vacuum cleaner.
9.    clean the pad with wet vacuum cleaner.
10. rinse the floor use clean water and brush, but no need rotating movement.
11. take the dirt water use  wet vacuum cleaner.
12. clean all equipment and store in the right place.

Practical Tips:
a)    single disc machine can be used for larger area.

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